1. Who can contribute questions on Viblo Interview?

All users with an account on Viblo can contribute questions on Viblo Interview. However, the contributed content needs to be consistent with the content of Viblo Interview and will be moderated by the Board of Directors before being published on the page.
If your question is rejected, the Board of Directors will leave a reason and suggest how to edit it to make the content more appropriate. You can edit and resubmit for review.

2. What content is allowed on Viblo Interview?

Viblo Interview is a service for sharing interview questions in the field of Information Technology. You can share any questions you may have during the interview process for any IT positions, including non-tech positions.
Users can share the topics of interview questions you encounter in a specific company, but Viblo Interview does not accept advertising content, PR for any product or company, or content for the purpose of recruiting and attracting candidates.
For details refer to the Terms of Service.

3. If I submit a question, how long will it take to be approved?

The Board of Directors will moderate your questions within 2 working days. When the question status changes (approved, rejected,...) you will receive a notification on the Viblo Interview platform.

4. Who can accept the answer?

The owner of the question or admin can accept the answer.

5. Why was my answer not accepted?

An answer can be judged not only by accept/not accept, but also by the number of upvotes. So don't worry if your answer hasn't been accepted yet, any reasonable answer will be appreciated by the number of upvotes!

6. Why doesn't the thread question need to be submitted for review?

Viblo Team builds the thread question feature so that users can freely create thread question to synthesize or review knowledge according to the individual needs of each user. Users can choose to create and save privately (draft) for private review, or public for other users to reference. Therefore, the thread question doesn't need to be reviewed before posting, but if there is spam, BQT will ban the account depending on the seriousness of the violation.

7. I don't know how to use the Markdown editor, what should I do?

Markdown is now becoming a general trend for tech sites, widely used by programmers and on well-known sites like Github, StackOverflow ... You can refer to the How to use Markdown tutorial to learn more about the features that Markdown on Viblo supports.

8. I have questions, comments for Viblo Interview, how can I contact the Viblo development team?

If you want to report to the admin about a contributed content on the page, you can use the report feature and fill in the details of the report for the admin team to process.
If you want to contribute ideas to improve the experience, features of the service, or have questions about the service during use, you can submit comments through the feedback feature in the footer of the website, the development team will review and make improvements as soon as possible.

9. What's the difference between Following and Newest pages?

The Newest page will display all content, arranged in chronological order of publication.
The Following page will display content that interests you, including the content of users and tags you follow, arranged in order of publication.

10. Which questions can I add to my thread question?

You can add your questions, or those of other users, into your thread question, as long as those questions have been published.

11. If I want to change my avatar and cover in my profile, what should i do?

Avatar information will be information on your Viblo account and will be shared across all Viblo Platform services. So if you want to change the avatar displayed on all services, you can visit the personal information page on https://accounts.viblo.asia/ to change the avatar.
Cover image on Viblo Interview currently cannot be changed, covers on the personal pages of all accounts are the default image. Viblo Team will develop a cover change feature in the near future.

12. If I want to edit a reviewing question, what should i do?

For reviewing questions, users can no longer edit questions. You need to check the question carefully before submitting it for review, or delete the old question and submit a new question for review.

13. If I want to edit an published question, what should I do it?

For questions that have been approved and published on the page, you can still edit with the Request an edit feature on the question, then the request will be sent to admin and proceed to approve for you as soon as possible if the change is reasonable.

14. Why aren't thread questions leveled like questions?

Thread questions on Viblo Interview will include questions of many different levels. So only questions are categorized by level, and thread questions will not be categorized by level and users cannot use level filters if they are using filters for thread questions.

15. How do I tag a thread question?

The tag list of an thread question will be the sum of all the tags of the questions in that thread. Therefore, it is not possible to add other tags to a thread question.